About Us

Hi and welcome to My Family FI! My name is Zac Boyd, I’m the owner and sole operator of My Family FI. I started this company in January 2019 after nearly a year on our path toward financial independence. We stumbled upon the path to financial independence because we were no longer happy living paycheck to paycheck each month, unaware of where it all would lead. In just over two years we paid off over $50,000 in debt and are living debt free. Now we have confidence that we can live purposeful and enriching lives and have a plan to do so. I started this business because I have a passion for teaching people about how they can make a meaningful difference in their lives through financial education and deliberate life planning. I found that those who have a clear vision for what they want out of life have a far greater chance of making positive changes in their behavior that over time help them to realize their vision. I am currently a US Army Special Operations Officer and my wife, Jessie, is a full-time homemaker. Jessie and I have two daughters, Harper and Scarlett. We also have a Weimaraner named Dexter who loves his cuddles. In my free time I enjoy reading, writing, brewing beer, and helping others on their financial journey.